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Adding personality and productivity to CMIT Solutions.

We built a long-term relationship with a technology company by focusing on the human side of the IT industry.

Most business owners don’t like dealing with IT. The only time they think about it is when something’s broken or the printer’s out of ink. We changed this outlook on IT and built a longstanding partnership with CMIT Solutions based on technology and data combined with personality, creativity and integrated marketing campaigns that increase sales by meeting the audience’s needs in an interesting way.

Productivity Campaign

The IT crowd.

Break out the calculator



completed in our five-year partnership.

CMIT Solutions is the human intelligence behind technology. They help business owners focus on what they love—their business—by providing proactive IT solutions. When we first started working with CMIT Solutions, the focus of their advertising was primarily on what they could do in the technology space, not on the people who needed their services.

Early on in our relationship with CMIT Solutions, we did a competitive audit. All of CMIT Solutions’ competitors lacked personality; it was a space filled with swooshes, binary code and pictures of computers. Rarely did anyone talk about how they could help improve a business and a business’ bottom line, they just kept repeating how much they knew about computers and technology. They forgot humans used that technology. We set CMIT Solutions apart from the pack by bringing humanity, humor and storytelling to IT. CMIT Solutions became the brand where humans engage with technology, but are not ruled by it.


They also became the brand that stood for productivity, helping businesses stay productive with proactive technology and managed services. With a clear productivity-centered message and a person-focused brand that set them apart from the competitors, we started to push out CMIT Solutions’ new integrated marketing campaigns.

“Creative Suitcase gave our company and our customers something to rally around.”

Lindsey Wohrer

CMIT Solutions Director of Marketing Communications & Sales

Flipping the switch.

The CMIT Solutions story needed to be something that their customers could identify with and that their franchisees could get excited about. It also needed to incorporate their existing tagline, “We worry about IT so you don’t have to,” in order to keep any brand cache they had.

We developed the productivity campaign so that CMIT Solutions could be the champions of the productive workplace. Slow hardware, unsupported operating systems, viruses and spam are all unproductive and hurt the bottom line. With humorous headlines, direct mail marketing, a microsite focused directly at business owners and multiple advertising videos to share the productivity story, we made CMIT Solutions the champions of productivity.

CMIT Buttons

Internally we got the entire company on board by creating campaign buttons and picket signs for their national franchisee conference, as well as a two-minute brand video to introduce everyone to the new campaign. By the end, everyone was on board and excited about the new brand and direction.

“The productivity campaign really spoke to our target audience, business owners who want to focus on the success of their businesses, not faulty technology.”

Jeff Connally

CMIT Solutions President & CEO

Customizable marketing campaigns.

We push out more than a dozen integrated marketing campaigns for CMIT Solutions every year. With 135+ franchisees across America and Canada, these integrated campaigns need to be able to launch as franchisee budgets allow and business needs change. We create different levels of campaigns for a range of budgets, but we always include multiple ways to reach a decision maker.

Disaster Campaign

Quarterly marketing campaigns.

We develop six to eight quarterly campaigns a year and the disaster campaign is a great example. Natural disasters can have a devastating effect on a company’s technology, but aren’t often thought of until its too late. We used bold colors and interesting typography so our unique direct mail designs would stand out in the mail and developed a custom infographic to tell the story of what could happen during a natural disaster without proper backup and CMIT Solutions.

Seasonal Campaign

Seasonal Campaigns

We brought humor to the holidays and seasonality to CMIT Solutions with a series of micro-marketing campaigns for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Halloween. These holiday campaigns give franchisees a reason to reach out to potential clients every few months and share CMIT Solutions’ human side. They also offer a less expensive campaign option for franchisees.

Newsletter Covers

Printed newsletters.

Four times a year, we develop a newsletter for CMIT Solutions as another touchpoint for potential customers. The newsletters are filled with thought leadership articles from CMIT Solutions, built for easy reading and include custom infographic design for quick highlights of important content. They also work as a great leave behind after meetings with potential clients.

Launch Kit

Custom launch guides.

We provide franchisees with a custom launch guide for every marketing campaign. It lays out the purpose of the campaign and highlights the pain points we’re answering. It also gives tips on when to send the direct mail and email pieces, suggests phone scripts, explains how to set up custom landing pages and includes a variety of social media images to use. With each campaign, there’s a clear path to success and it’s clear to the audience that the marketing is coming from CMIT Solutions.

“The volume of creativity that pours out of Creative Suitcase is amazing. Again and again, they’re able to create campaigns that catch a business owner’s attention. They’ve also improved our brand’s integrity through marketing that is approved by headquarters.”

Lindsey Wohrer

CMIT Solutions Director of Marketing Communications & Sales

More than 1s and 0s.

Our relationship with CMIT Solutions continues and we work closely with their internal marketing team. We concept with them and pitch ideas to stakeholders, we host monthly strategy meetings to talk about planning and upcoming marketing initiatives and we even participate at their national convention as a trusted partner. All of this has allowed us to have a lasting, positive impact on CMIT Solutions’ business and bottom line.


“Creative Suitcase has helped improve our numbers, again and again, year after year. They’re part of the CMIT Solutions team and will be for a while.”

Jeff Connally

CMIT Solutions President & CEO

Shiny objects.

After so many successful marketing campaigns to help transform CMIT Solutions, it’s nice to have a little something extra to show for it.

Creative Suitcase