Inside the Suitcase

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Mission control.

Creative Suitcase is an award-winning, strategic design and communications firm that helps cause-based organizations manifest their mission.

Fusing smart strategy with killer creative, Creative Suitcase focuses on opportunities that allow nonprofits, foundations and mission-driven organizations to build better relationships with their supporters, donors and clients.

Something to believe in.

Our business is founded on these key principles:


Expertise Matters

There’s not much we haven’t seen. We know what works and what doesn’t, and why. Our job is to guide our clients through their marketing and planning, acting as pilots along the way. We know how to work efficiently and achieve the best results, making the process easy for our clients.


Collaboration is key

We’re open to ideas and open with our clients and employees. We don’t come into any situation with preconceived notions. We work with our clients to find the best solution for their business needs and become a vital part of their business, seamlessly integrating into their team.


Austin, Sweet Austin

We’ve traveled the world and choose to call Austin home. Our city matters to us and we do our best to do good by it and its citizens. As part of our paid volunteer program, we volunteer with local nonprofits, donating our time, money and talents.


Love of labor, labor of love

We do work we can brag about and we work hard to make it. There is love in our labor and what we do is a labor of love. We strive to make sure every client gets our highest quality work and to make Creative Suitcase the most respected and best marketing firm in Austin.


Accountability and ownership

We do what we say we’re going to do. We make a commitment to do our very best for each client and their entire audience. This means we only take on a few clients a year so we can give them the dedication they deserve and have the ability to create the best design possible.


An eye on innovation

We take risks, but they’re always calculated. We look forward to see what’s next for design, technology and experiences, and we incorporate that into our client’s work. We are constantly creating for our clients and ourselves. You have to be a maker to be an innovator.

Interesting people create interesting work.

Everyone who works at Creative Suitcase is curious about the world and determined to do their best work. We have the skills required to handle challenging projects and the experience needed to see them through. That’s why our work gets results.