The Metropolis Swallowed By Natural Grandeur / February 04, 2011

In defiance of everything I’ve ever thought of Los Angeles, the city really surprised me during my last few visits. Having a couple of weeks and good local friends to show us around, we discovered many distinct and vibrant districts like Echo Park, Los Feliz, Silverlake, Venice, working-class Hollywood, and the grandeur of Griffith Park among others.

The city has more independent bookstores than almost anywhere, lots of gallery spaces featuring up-and-coming artists, huge museums with world-class exhibitions, farmers markets and community gardens, sidewalk cafes and inspired restaurants of all shades next to food trucks, endlessly shimmering lights of millions of people spiced with multi-culturalism.  The hills and mountains directly in the center of the metro area are as lush as a tropical jungle with giant walls of plants flowing off of buildings and forests of palms, firs, orange trees and every plant in between swallowing blocks whole while the endless Pacific stretches infinitely, erasing all thoughts of self-importance.

The trips were highlighted by the meeting of lots of inspiring and creative people, massive cookouts of bountiful local foods, day after day of surfing frigid waters with acrobatic dolphin flying, getting lost in urban hikes up and down miles of secret stairways, and feasting at hole-in-the-wall restaurants with no signs – an LA unlike any of my preconceptions and previous experiences.

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Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

Posted by Keesha on April 13, 2011

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