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How We Get to Great

Creative Suitcase follows a streamlined process to develop the best solution for your project.


We meet with you to get an idea of project scope, budget and schedule in order to understand your needs. If we feel we can meet your needs, we’ll send you a formal proposal outlining the project deliverables, timeline, etc. If we can’t meet your needs, we’ll try to refer you to a trusted source who can.

Once we agree to work together through a signed proposal, you’ll be asked to fill out our Customer Profile, providing us with additional information about your company, your goals and your project.


Our creative department will research your company, your industry, your competitors and anything else they may need to arrive at the best solution for your project. They’ll then brainstorm and develop multiple concepts for your project. As much as possible, the designs will be different from each other in look and feel. We’ll then collaborate with you in order to select a creative direction.


Working with your suggestions, we’ll make needed revisions to the creative direction, web design, graphic elements, copy or anything else.  After which, well continue to work with you to finalize the design and start the production process.


After you’ve approved the final design, the project is sent into production. We’ll run proofing and quality assurance checks so your project meets our standards of excellence and is delivered exactly as promised.

After final delivery, we schedule any project expansions and future ventures.

Still processing?


Still processing?