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You’re My Butter Half / May 30, 2012

Every year, Creative Suitcase closes its doors for two days of volunteering out in the Austin community, once in the spring and once in the Fall.

Our first volunteer day for the year was part of United Way’s Days of Caring and was dedicated to a new mural for the United Way for Greater Austin building.

As a part of our effort to rebrand United Way this year, our Senior Designer John (pictured below), came up with the concept of “You’re My Better Half” to exemplify what United Way means to him and to Greater Austin.

Q: How did you come up with this concept?
A: As often happens, I drew inspiration from my home state of Wisconsin. I worked at a dairy for a few summers during high school, and the idea for “Butter Half” grew out of a lot of the ideas I had at the time. My mission back then was to convince the owners to produce individual-sized pats of butter in the shape of a naked lady. For some reason, it never caught on. They are now out of business. “Butter Half” would have been a good brand name for that product.


Q: Are you a big fan of butter?
A: Yes, certainly. Of course. Land-o-Lakes is the best butter in my opinion. The original LOL. I used to have a crush on the L-o-L princess from the front of the box. She is beautiful and Midwestern and she knows how to make butter. L-o-L would probably pull the trigger on “Butter Half”™, now that I think about it.


Q: What do you hope people will feel when they see this mural?
A: I hope people think of a friend or a loved one when they see the mural. I got married last year, so when I see it, I think of my wife. She is my butter half. I also hope it helps spread love and togetherness across the neighborhood in a general sense. When people see it, I hope they feel like the mural is talking to them: You, viewer, are my butter half. You are loved.


Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and let United Way for Greater Austin know what you think! Here’s our team in front of the finished mural!

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Cool! I love it!

Posted by David on July 30, 2013

Looks like an artist. :-)

Posted by Steve Luin on August 2, 2013

Supa Sick!!!!

Posted by Kroese on April 16, 2014

Fantastic, looks like ill need to visit to snap a pic on front of this sweet mural!

Posted by Aaron Watters on May 6, 2014

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