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Increase the number of accepted students who matriculate by creating compelling marketing materials that sell Austin, TX.

Create an interesting direct marketing piece to ensure that recipients open it.

Create graphic interest without a large photography budget.


Showcase the best of Austin through lighthearted design, student testimonials, a weekend guide and an impressive collection of bragging rights for the city.

Pull photography from our own graphic design agency talent, featured restaurants and rights-approved Flickr images.

Create a vivid and fun envelope design to ensure recipients open their mail.



Content outline


Graphic design Austin brochure

Envelope design


Other materials marketing Austin


The School of Law expected to do two mailings of these brochures, but they were so successful (in conjunction with other initiatives) that they didn’t end up doing the second mailing.

The School of Law saw an 8% increase in applications after potential students received this brochure.

The School of Law received a letter from a student noting that she was from Austin and was considering leaving the state to attend law school, but after receiving the direct marketing in Austin, TX, she decided there was no better place to live and study than The University of Texas.

“Creative Suitcase was on target and on schedule every step of the way. They were full of great ideas on how to take our brochure from typical to top notch.” Kirston Fortune, Assistant Dean of Communications, University of Texas School of Law

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