Logo Update, Business Poster and Website Designs

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Despite a down economy, help UBSki boost their sales of college ski weeks to university students around the country.

Advertise the low price UBSki offers while also showcasing the high quality of the trips.

Create a set of compelling, small business-marketing materials including posters, postcards, website and print ads.

Help UBSki stand out since many competitors’ posters are seen side-by-side in classrooms and on message boards.


Develop marketing collateral that showcases the low cost, high fun of each of UBSki’s trips by prominently featuring price points and high-contrast, energetic images.

Highlight that each trip includes lift tickets for five different mountains, something the competition doesn’t offer.

Simplify the posters and focus on one large image to make them stand out; the competitions’ posters use over-crowded, unfocused designs.



Logo touch up

Poster series design

Postcard design

Web consultation and sitemap

Web design and development

Application form design

Print ads


“It’s true, you get what you pay for. We’d been doing the same old thing for years and needed some fresh ideas, so I called Creative Suitcase. They came through with tons of strategic concepts on how to better market our brand and our product offerings. I paid a little more than other graphic design/advertising agencies quoted, but it was well worth the investment.”
Phillip Cohen, President, UBSki


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