Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI)

Press Kit and Poster Design Ideas

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Create a compelling press kit to support TAMI’s Round Up initiative, a program that digitizes and preserves any and all Texas-based moving images.

Communicate to Texans statewide, a broad and diverse audience.

Explain a complicated and multi-faceted venture clearly and concisely through the marketing materials.

Create a poster design that notifies Texans of the Top 10 Lost Films wanted by TAMI.


Use fun, dynamic film imagery and pair it with a Texas theme to give TAMI a lighthearted, engaging tone while showing why film archiving is important.

Use both modern and historic film imagery to appeal to a wide target audience and highlight the celebratory motif.

Create a pocket folder and insert sheets that outline the program’s mission in a succinct and elegant manner.

Provide labels that explain the best practices for preserving films so the general public can adhere them to their film cases.

Design a classic-style wanted poster to showcase TAMI’s Top 10 Lost Films of Texas, while highlighting Texas heritage.



Marketing consultation


Pocket folder

Insert sheets




The governor’s office spoke highly of the press material.

“We liked the work; Creative Suitcase was flexible and cooperative. I am thrilled that we have received such compliments on the materials, and I am sure to tell everyone who was responsible: Creative Suitcase.”
Caroline Frick, Executive Director, Texas Archive of the Moving Image

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