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Attract new clientele and create buzz for the salon.

Produce a business card design that has all of the typical contact information but also includes a “Next Appointment” section.

Create a design that’s stylish yet functional and works with the salon’s mid-century brand.


Create a completely unique, 1950s-themed card that engages the recipient through a die cut and interactivity.

Represent male and female clientele by having two different cards.

Include an insert for next appointment details to give the card lasting power and extra functionality.

Remember that the details matter:  a map of the location is created using scissor shears.



Business cards design


Generated huge buzz on business card design blogs and the Internet, giving Impact Salon a lot of attention. Just google it, you’ll see.

Creative Suitcase design awardPublished in Branding Identity, Rockport’s Best of Business Card Design 8 and HOW’s Damn Good.

Creative Suitcase design awardGraphic Design USA‘s Annual Design Review Award Winner.

Creative Suitcase design awardThe Texas Show, Best in Category: Stationary

Creative Suitcase design awardFeatured on the Polish edition of Money magazine.

Impact Salon continues to get great feedback from clients and peers regarding the wow factor of the cards.

“We looked at plenty of other creative and graphic design firms and received several graphic design quotes before selecting Creative Suitcase. We wanted to work with people that had original ideas, concepts and vision. Creative Suitcase wasn’t the cheapest quote we received, but for the price, they were the best value.” - Austin Seley, Owner, Impact Salon

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