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Redesign the FlightAware website, which had a following of dedicated users but no distinct brand.

Increase Google ad revenue.

Ensure easy and fast access to flight information. The pages need to be well designed while retaining their simplicity and fast load time.

Create a modular site that will be tracking anywhere from 500 to 50,000 flights at any given time.

Design graphic logo and a set of online icons to designate awards and badges for registered users.


Integrate Google ads into the overall design of the new website.

Design a site with modular components that can slide and grow as appropriate. Keep the design elements light and simple for quick load times.

Create a series of web design icons that work together as a set through color and design. Icons are displayed only when a user is signed in.



Website re-design and development

Banner ad campaign

Pocket folder

Corporate brochure

Product sheets

Corporate identity logo design

Corporate brand guidelines

Paper system Media kit and PowerPoint

Direct mail campaign

Tradeshow booth

Clothing design

Office branding


With the launch of the logo and new website, user registration doubled in the first few days, leveling out to a 20% overall increase. Income increased a total of 15%.

“Creative Suitcase always provides outstanding creativity, customer service and attention to detail. Plus, they’re just downright fun to work with.” Daniel Baker, CEO, FlightAware